Founded in 2014, Digni Financial Services Is a Funeral Insurance Broker

Digni Financial Services was founded in March 2014 by Cornet Thabiso Mamabolo and Johnny Modiba. For Cornet and Johnny, this was the time for the universe to breath life into a vision they had been nurturing as sales representatives. Having been involved in sales, data management, training, consulting, intermediary and advisory services, they have seen a need to build a community in which financial service products are customized in accordance with our African way of defining and doing things.

Digni Financial Services is a dream realizable to protect individuals, and businesses against industry conventional marginalization and abuse, especially from excessive and unaffordable premiums and services.

Their combined expertise resulted in the establishment of a financial institution to arrange customized underwriting for group schemes, direct marketing for individuals and business support to our stakeholders. The community of expertise in their business is customer centric, reigns humanity and hold high professionalism for their client’s needs.

By being customer centric, Digni Financial Services’ trademark was known for high quality service over premiums and integrity over revenue.
Today, the business is popularly known for its diverse services that you can’t pin it to just a mere funeral policy business.

We’re of the drive to provide comprehensive financial services to human kind, with a vision to render services beyond funeral policies. We envision to expand our scope into primary care, hospital plan, medical aid, disability benefits and provident fund.

Cornet Mamabolo

Co-Founder & CEO

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Our Mission

  • To render dignified funeral and health care financial services.
  • To specialize in Satisfactory Funeral Product Offering For Clients.
  • To offer Accommodative Products to Working Class, Pensioners & Africans in General.
  • To develop Administration Indoor Systems for our clients.

Our Objectives

Digni Financial Services determines its success based on meeting the following objectives:

  • Build a client base, working with clients in a fashion preferred by the client, be it on-site, remotely or a combination of both.
  • To progressively build eternity revenues that will maximize our market share and footprint globally.
  • Develop products and systems that will make both us and our clients distinct in the market.
  • Build a client base through selling our products and underwrite client’s products as they are and further customize our products to suit our client’s vision.

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Meet Our Team

Digni Financial Services is managed by young dynamic team of individuals from diverse backgrounds. They ensure your insurance needs are met at all times.